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5 Essentials of Chic Fashion

5 Essentials of Chic Fashion
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Chic fashion is all about classy and classically feminine style. These 5 essentials of chic fashion provide the building blocks to the perfect chic wardrobe. All are versatile, timeless, and can be worn any time of year:

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Pencil skirt. Professional, stylish and feminine, the pencil skirt is a perfect chic piece for everyday wear, whether you’re working in an office, attending a conference, or even out shopping. Slip into a nice, neutral pencil skirt whenever you feel like giving off a chic, sophisticated vibe.

Day dress. There is something beautifully simple about slipping on a dress. Once on, you’re all set to accessorize and walk out the door! A fitted dress for everyday wear is essential to your chic wardrobe. Accessorize it with a bold-print scarf for a playful look, or layer it with a blazer and heels for work. Pick a timeless, flattering piece in your favorite style and enjoy it for many seasons to come.

Little black dress. That little black dress is a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe. Flattering, sexy, and able to be layered or accessorized in a million ways, a well-fitted black dress can make getting ready for a night out a breeze. And thanks to its versatility, this closet staple never gets boring.

Jacket. Perfect for spring, fall, or cool summer nights, a flattering jacket that you can layer with your dresses and t-shirts is a must-have. This versatile piece can completely change your look, and makes the perfect companion to your summer dresses and skinny jeans.

Dressy top. A dressy tank top, tunic or blouse is another key piece of a chic fashionista’s wardrobe. It can dress up a pair of skinny jeans, and when accessorized with a classy pair of earrings, is perfect to wear on a girls’ night out. A classy dress top is also an essential companion to your pencil skirts for a sophisticated outfit to wear at work.

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