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The Art of Layering: 5 Tips

The Art of Layering: 5 Tips
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Many women fear that layering will make them look bigger than they actually are. However, a perfectly layered look will not only feel comfortable, it will also compliment your curves.

Through the art of layering, you can look great, no matter the weather. Use layers to turn a dress from a casual daytime look to the perfect evening outfit, or give your favorite pieces a new dimension by pairing them with a cardigan or vest. Follow some of these tips below to achieve functional, elegant layering:

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1. Keep the under-layers more fitted to keep your shape looking slim. Wear a slimming long-sleeve under a vest, for example, or a fitted tee shirt beneath an open collared shirt.

2. Vary the texture and colors of your layers. If you layer with the same materials and colors, you can come off as boring and frumpy. A mix of bold patterns with soft neutrals can add great impact and flatter your profile.

3. Use a belt to make your outer-layers more form-fitting, and complement your curves.

4. Mix loose, comfy sweater layers with skinny jeans or leggings to avoid looking frumpy.

5. When in doubt, keep it simple. Use a couple of different fabrics, and keep the colors neutral. Then sprinkle some splashes of color with accessories like a belt, scarf or large necklace.

Bonus tip: Layer a tank-top between your button-up shirt and cardigan to keep your midsection looking slim.

There's no need to shy away from the art of layering. Just experiment with it and have some fun! Successful layering will not only keep you warm, it will also give your wardrobe new life, and will allow you to get more time and enjoyment out of your favorite pieces. 

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