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Is Your Work Wardrobe Monochromatic?

Is Your Work Wardrobe Monochromatic?
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It's oh-dark-thirty on Monday morning as you stand in front of your closet, cup of coffee in hand. You grimace at the monochromatic sea of clothing that stares back - Boring!

We've all been there.

As silly as it sounds, adding color to your work attire can be tricky. You get comfortable with a certain color palette, and the next thing you know everything in your closet is the same color. Don't despair - we're here to help!

Let's start with what color your current wardrobe is...

Add Color to Your Wardrobe

Blacks & Greys

Greys and blacks can be the most difficult wardrobes to add color to. This is because adding color to what is seen as an austere or severe outfit can throw your look off balance. When adding color to blacks and greys, stick with no more than three classic items in a single color. Also make sure that the color you select stands out against the rest of your outfit. Aside from those guidelines, pick a color that you like and that goes well with your coloring.

Navies & Blues

Navy and blue beg for bright accessories! If adding color to your wardrobe feels a little uncomfortable, start by adding cobalt or cornflower blue to your navy outfit. These colors will pop against navy without adding a whole new color. Feeling brave? Bright colors look amazing with navy and blue! Try accessories, shoes and/or bags in yellow, green, bright pink or even orange.

Add Color to Your Wardrobe

Browns & Tans

Adding color to browns and tans can be challenging. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that all the brown or tan pieces should be the same color. Reds, blues and oranges are great choices for brown and tan wardrobes. Be sure to add color to areas that you don't mind drawing attention to. For instance, if you love your neck and collar bones, opt for a colorful necklace in a shape that goes with the neckline of your outfit. You also want your outfitto be balanced, so if you choose a necklace, also add shoes, and/or a bag or bracelet in the same color.

Taupes & Ivory

Taupes and ivories can be accented with almost any color. Like browns and tans, do your best to make sure that your outfit pieces are the same color. Taupe and ivory outfits tend to look very clean and elegant. You want to keep that look as you add color. Accessorizing with bright colors work best, although navy looks great with ivory.

Add Color to Your Wardrobe

As Coco Chanel said, "The best color in the whole world,
is the one that looks good, on you!"

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