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Inclusivity- A Campaign

Inclusivity- A Campaign
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Back in July we partnered with Salt Water Blonde and Leeana Ament Photography to put together a Campaign titled Inclusivity. Our goal of this shoot was to get models with different ethnicities, body types, and backgrounds to prove that beauty and fashion doesn't have just one mold to fit in.

We held our first ever model search and got an overwhelming amount of applications, having no idea how difficult it would be to settle on just a few models. Our original idea of having only 3 models was quickly squashed as we looked over 50+ applications. Eventually we settled on 5 models; Naia, Melody, Mia, Ileana, and Brandon.




















We styled the models head to toe in items found exclusively at Pineapple Blush Boutique including Jewelry, Hats, and other accessories like belts and headbands. That means you can shop these exact looks in store and online!


Huge shout out to all the models who participated, all the model applicants, and everyone who made this shoot come together better than we imagined!

Don't worry, we will be having another photoshoot soon!


1. Kitty Button Down Dress 
2. Well Hello Maxi Dress
3. Not My Boyfriends Jacket
4. Stella T-Shirt Dress 


Styling and Design: Salt Water Blonde  |  @salt.water.blonde
Photography: Leeana Ament Photography  |  @leeana.jpg

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