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Why we Love Boho (And you should too!)

Why we Love Boho (And you should too!)
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Fancy fashion trends come and go with the seasons, but a precious few styles never do. Boho is one of these exceptions. The term for this style was first coined in the 90s, and the look’s influence has continued to adorn runways and celebrities ever since. Natural fibers layered with bold accessories are the hallmark of this timeless style, with comfort always at the forefront.

There are so many reasons we love boho, but these are our top 3:

Timeless look

So many trends in the fashion world last only a season or two (think flare jeans, and sequin everything), but boho is different. Inspired by 60s fashion and already a couple of decades old, boho is still going strong. This timeless style’s influence waxes and wanes some every few years, but in the end, it is just as trendy today as it has ever been, which means you can get a lot more life – not to mention bang for your buck – out of your boho outfits.

Affordable and Unique

Another reason we love boho? It’s every budget-conscious fashionista’s dream. The look is timeless, and the best pieces are not only unique, they are best purchased from small boutiques who carry small quantities and offer a limited number of each item for sale. You can get more for your money this way, and will find that perfect skirt, dress or blouse that you simply won’t find anywhere else.


One of the greatest reasons why we love boho fashion is its amazing versatility. When your wardrobe is full of boho pieces, you are sure to find a look for every mood and occasion. From soft and flowy skirts to gilets, boho pieces can be mixed and matched in countless ways any time of the year.

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